"Barb is like family. To her you're not a case number, you're a person."

"She's the type of lawyer you don't feel like you're bugging when you call, she'll take the time to talk to you. She really goes above the call of duty. She knows all my kids' names. She bought my kids birthday presents. She calls to check up on me to make sure I'm doing okay. Barb is not just my lawyer, she's my friend."

"Barb was the light at the end of a dark tunnel for us."

"First and foremost she's a woman and as women we're passionate about what we do. Barb was very attentive and very eager. She kept in constant contact and was never unavailable. We never got that feeling that we hired somebody, but we're still alone in this. We always felt she was on our side and looking out for our best interest. She doesn't back down from anyone and isn't intimidated by other attorneys. She'll talk to you in layman's language, not a lot of attorney jargon, where you can really get a complete understanding of what she's trying to say, not like these quick phone calls where they say a few big words and you hang up and say, 'what?' She took as much time as she had to in order to make sure everything was perfectly clear. I mean, we're not attorneys, we don't understand all that jargon. She realizes that and took time to explain things without making us feel silly or stupid. She never let us down."

"She's very professional and expeditious."

"I haven't dealt with too many attorneys, but those that I had you sort of had to nudge them or give them a phone call or seek them out in some way, and Barb just wasn't that way. She just let you know what was going on and fulfilled the promises she had made when we signed the contract with her. She worked hard for us and acquired a settlement that was beyond my expectations. She was really easy to deal with and I would recommend her to anyone."

"She went way above and beyond..."

"She got me a good settlement and she was very professional. She was very concerned I think mainly with me being a volunteer and made it a bit more challenging. She was able to get me a lot of back money as well as future money. I have recommended other people to her because I had such a good experience."

"I feel she's one of the best."

"I've worked with Barb for 3 years on general law issues. I don't sign or commit to anything until she's reviewed the documents first. She's a very savvy young woman and her professionalism goes without saying. She's very down to earth and will work with anyone from any background. It's very refreshing to have Barbara representing me; I feel she's one of the best."

"Barb treated me like I was family."

"I originally found Barb in the phone book, now she's got me till the day I die. When we met I didn't know anything about law or if I had a case or not and she told me, "We can do this." I cried. It was the first time someone did something for me. She's smart, assertive, and she really follows through. Barb treated me like I was family. She told me to heal and take care of myself and she would do the rest, and she did. Now I'm going to her for other legal matters, I trust her that much. She's just great."