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Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

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What is an Independent Medical Evaluation?

If there is a dispute about your medical condition in your Workers’ Compensation case,
the insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical evaluation (IME)
by a doctor of their choosing. These exams are paid for by the insurance company and
are designed to gain an opinion that you:

  • Are fully recovered from your work injury
  • Are able to return to full duty work
  • Can return to modified duty work
  • Have injuries that are NOT work related

It is possible that the IME doctor will say that you are still disabled, but it is unlikely.
The doctor is there to benefit the Workers’ Compensation insurance company, not you. 


Who Schedules an IME and How Often Do They Occur?


IMEs are usually performed by a doctor selected by the insurance company. These doctors are paid by the insurance companies and often rely on them for referrals. As a result, they have an incentive to minimize the scope of your injury in an attempt to lower your Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Unfortunately, the Workers’ Compensation Act allows a Workers’ Compensation insurance company to schedule an independent medical examination up to two times per year. This is commonly interpreted as every six months.


How Will it Affect My Workers' Compensation Case?


An IME can have a large impact on your case. IME doctors are often viewed as “experts” and their reports may be given significant weight by Workers’ Compensation judges. There is little any attorney can do to avoid scheduled IMEs. However, there are things you can do to ensure the best possible outcome of these examinations.


What Can I Do to Prepare for an IME?


The best way to defend your benefits is to retain an experienced attorney like Barbara J. Welton, before the Workers’ Compensation insurance company attacks your Workers’ Compensation benefits.

If you have been asked to undergo an IME, contact Welton Law to defend your Workers’ Compensation benefits.  

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