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You May Feel Relieved If Your Workers' Compensation Claim
Was Accepted by the Insurance Company and You Are Currently
Receiving Benefits, but You're Not in the Clear Just Yet.

The Workers’ Compensation insurance company will be reluctant to pay your full Workers’ Compensation
benefits until you are able to return to work and will do all that they can to reduce or stop them. Stay well
informed and one step ahead by contacting Attorney Barbara J. Welton today. Attorney Welton has extensive
experience in Workers’ Compensation and is committed to getting her clients the benefits they deserve.

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Protect Your Benefits

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Stay One Step Ahead of the Workers'
Compensation Insurance Company

On the job injuries are a common occurrence, regardless of the field of employment that you’re in. Fortunately,
workers’ compensation benefits are available to help with medical costs and to compensate you for your losses,
but you must take the appropriate steps to ensure those benefits are protected.

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

These examinations are anything but “independent”. These exams are paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company and are designed..

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Nurses Attending Doctor Appointments

Many times the Workers’ Compensation adjuster will tell you that a nurse is going to contact you for personal information about you and to attend medical appointments. Many injured workers allow this not knowing that the law does not force you to agree to this.

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Surveillance can undo the best Workers’ Compensation cases. Back in the 1998 when Attorney Barbara Welton first started representing clients in Workers’ Compensation cases, surveillance was difficult. The best an insurance company could do was follow the injured worker and hope that they saw her or him doing something that could hurt their case.

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Vocational Meetings & Job Referrals

If you’ve been released to return to full duty or modified duty work, your employer has the option to bring you back to suitable work. If your employer fails to do so, the Workers’ Compensation adjuster may have a vocational consultant contact you to do a vocational evaluation.

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